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From Rhino <>
Subject General Concept Question
Date Mon, 31 Oct 2011 16:55:13 GMT

  Is there a fundamental concept in Ant that says, in effect, a file 
should not be edited during a build because only the original version 
will ever be seen by the tasks in the build?

I have an Ant script that changes the value of some constants in a 
constants file that is used later by a Java program. The edits are 
pretty trivial in nature - three booleans get set to false instead of 
their normal value of true - and then the Java program which uses them 
is supposed to change its behavior according to the new values of the 
booleans. But even though I am sure the edits are being done and that 
the .java files are only compiled after the edits have been completed, 
the Java program continues to see the booleans as true, even when they 
are not.

Is Ant refusing to compile/use the edited version of the constants file 
because it is being edited during the build? I know that Ant variables 
are immutable but I thought that it should be possible to edit a file 
within a script and then used the edited version of the file later in 
the script.

If, in fact, the files that Ant is using are also immutable, what is the 
scope of that immutablility? I'm wondering if I could make two scripts - 
one to edit the constants file and one to use the edited constants file 
- both initiated by some kind of Master script that runs the editing 
script first, then the script that uses the edited file. Or is there a 
better approach?

I'm using Ant 1.8.2 in Eclipse 3.7 on Windows XP SP2.

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