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From "Scot P. Floess" <>
Subject Re: Newbie: <javac> task can't find my source files
Date Mon, 22 Aug 2011 14:45:55 GMT

D'oh, I should have guessed the src.dir would emit as it did ;)

How about taking the dirname task on src.dir and echoing that?

<dirname file="${src.dir}" property=""/>
<echo message = "Absolute path:  ${}"/>

If memory serves, when I kick off my <javac> its usually from a "root" 
directory and not a relative one.

On Mon, 22 Aug 2011, Ego wrote:

> Woah, thanks Scot! That's a FAST reply, and a good one I think. 
> If nothing else, it helped me to rule out some possible causes of error. 
> To answer your question, I intend to collect my buildfiles in a separate folder, sibling
to the projects root, and that's the current dir when I fire "ant". I see your point - I thought
myself this could be a potential source of troubles.
> Besides, tasks in my buildfile like <copy>, <delete>, <jar> and <mkdir>
are interpreting correctly the path specified in ${src.dir}, even when ant is issued from
a different location, like I do. Even more strange, <javac> itself points to the same
path of the above tasks:
> <echo message = "Looking for source files in ${src.dir}"/>
> returns
> Looking for source files in ../projects/modules/src
> Nevertheless the task fails. 
> I'm starting to doubt the effectiveness of the <include> selectors or worse, a
design bug in the  <javac> Ant task when it comes to resolve absolute paths.
> Anyway, even placing build.xml in the root dir (editing accordingly)
and setting 
> project's property 
> basedir="." 
> hasn't helped to fix the problem, so there must be some other explanation.
> Bye
> Johnny
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