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From Ego <>
Subject Re: Newbie: <javac> task can't find my source files
Date Mon, 22 Aug 2011 18:23:49 GMT
> I bet basename will yield src?

Exactly. I typed in the following lines, as suggested:

<basename file="${src.dir}" property="basedir.basename"/>
<dirname file="${src.dir}" property="basedir.dir"/>

     dir  = [${basedir.dir}]
     base = [${basedir.basename}]

Side notes:
- versose output contains the line
Project base dir set to: D:\Workspaces\Java

- source code for project's main class begins with the line:
package apps.gdv.v1_0_0;

- classes from 'packages' package (yeah, weird naming) begin with:
package packages.(*);
'apps', 'packages' and 'resources' are subfolders of ../modules/src (the base dir) hence the
package declarations should be ok. 

Or maybe there's something I'm missing just here.

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