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From Ego <>
Subject Re: Newbie: <javac> task can't find my source files
Date Mon, 22 Aug 2011 14:30:33 GMT

Woah, thanks Scot! That's a FAST reply, and a good one I think. 
If nothing else, it helped me to rule out some possible causes of error. 

To answer your question, I intend to collect my buildfiles in a separate folder, sibling to
the projects root, and that's the current dir when I fire "ant". I see your point - I thought
myself this could be a potential source of troubles.
Besides, tasks in my buildfile like <copy>, <delete>, <jar> and <mkdir>
are interpreting correctly the path specified in ${src.dir}, even when ant is issued from
a different location, like I do. Even more strange, <javac> itself points to the same
path of the above tasks:

<echo message = "Looking for source files in ${src.dir}"/>


Looking for source files in ../projects/modules/src

Nevertheless the task fails. 
I'm starting to doubt the effectiveness of the <include> selectors or worse, a design
bug in the  <javac> Ant task when it comes to resolve absolute paths.

Anyway, even placing build.xml in the root dir (editing accordingly) and

project's property 


hasn't helped to fix the problem, so there must be some other explanation.


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