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Subject Problem deleting a file
Date Thu, 14 Jul 2011 16:37:34 GMT

I'm using ant 1.8.2 on Windows 7/64 bit

One of the tasks in my build script deletes a target file before it is 
The trouble is the file doesn't actually seem to get deleted until after 
ant exits.
This causes ant to generate an error when it tries to create the new 
version of the file.

Below is the relevant bit of the build script in case there is something 
I'm doing wrong.
The file in question is Quentin.jar. If I have a window open on the 
directory containing
this file, I can see it doesn't get deleted until after ant exits. When 
this happens, ant
fails with the error

     [echo] Creating Quentin JAR
      [jar] Building jar: P:\Quentin\Manager\Java\tmp\Quentin.jar
     [move] Moving 1 file to P:\Quentin\Manager\Java\jars

P:\Quentin\Manager\build.xml:459: Failed to copy 
P:\Quentin\Manager\Java\tmp\Quentin.jar to 
P:\Quentin\Manager\Java\jars\Quentin.jar due to 
P:\Quentin\Manager\Java\jars\Quentin.jar (Access is denied)

Any help would be much appreciated


Andy Ling

        <target name="init" unless="init_done">
                <uptodate property="quentin_jar_ok" 
                        <srcfiles dir="${root}/idl" 
                        <property name="init_done" value="true"/>

        <target name="Quentin" if="docompile" depends="init">
                <javac includeantruntime="false" srcdir="${tmp-dir}" 
includes="com\quantel\Quentin\**" destdir="${outdir}" debug="${debug}" 
                        <compilerarg line="${compiler_cmdline}"/>

        <target name="idl_compile" if="docompile" depends="init,Quentin"/>

        <target name="idl_renew_src" depends="init">
                <delete dir="${tmp-dir}\com\quantel\Quentin"/>
                <delete file="${jar-files}\Quentin.jar"/>

                <!-- Make sources -->
                <echo>Building Quentin from IDL</echo>
                <exec executable="${env.JACORB_HOME}\bin\idl.bat">
                        <arg value="-all"/>
                        <arg value="-genEnhanced"/>
                        <arg value="-d"/>
                        <arg value="${tmp-dir}"/>
                        <arg value="-i2jpackage"/>
                        <arg value="Quentin:com.quantel.Quentin"/>

        <target name="Quentin.jar" unless="quentin_jar_ok" depends="init">
                <antcall target="idl_renew_src"/>
                <antcall target="idl_compile"/>
                <echo>Creating Quentin JAR</echo>
                <jar jarfile ="${tmp-dir}\Quentin.jar">
                        <fileset dir="${outdir}">
name="com/quantel/Quentin/**/*.class" />
                <move file="${tmp-dir}\Quentin.jar" todir="${jar-files}"/>


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