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From Alex Sherwin <>
Subject ant http task, fully featured, apache 2.0 licnesed released
Date Tue, 15 Mar 2011 11:49:16 GMT
After years of using half baked solutions from other libraries which
are now old, defunct or just plain don't work..  I've finally bit the
bullet and created a nice, easy to use and unencumbered ant http task.

It is Apache 2.0 licensed and has the following things going for it:

Easy to use
No third party library dependencies
BASIC authentication support
HTTP header support
GET, PUT, POST, HEAD, TRACE, OPTIONS and DELETE methods supported
Query parameters can be set via XML nodes (or in the URL of course)
Request entity can be set in-line (e.g. <![CDATA []]> block) or through a file
Flexible log/print options
Flexible error checking options (you can define the expected response
status code, and if to fail on an unexpected code)

The build process is *not* maven dependent, which means if someone
wants to fix/patch/extend the task they can easily check out the
self-contained eclipse project and simply run "ant dist" to create a
full distribution with documentation, binaries and source.

Google code project:

Alexander Sherwin

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