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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: ant-trax.jar not included in openjdk (on ubuntu)
Date Mon, 28 Mar 2011 16:34:46 GMT
On 2011-03-28, David wrote:

> Hello,

> I just wanted to report a problem that I had when I was trying to build
> Eclipse on Ubuntu 11.04:
> and the build needed ant-trax.jar.

> Ubuntu 11.04 ships with ant 1.8.1, which has had ant-trax.jar taken out:
> from the WHATSNEW file
> <snip>
> Changes that could break older environments:
> -------------------------------------------

>  * ant-trax.jar is no longer produced since TrAX is included in JDK 1.4+.
> </snip>

> The open OpenJDK which ships on Ubuntu does not ship with ant-trax.jar;

That's normal.  The note says ant-trax.jar is removed because TrAX (not
ant-trax.jar) is included in ...

TraX is the javax.xml.transform package and friends.  ant-trax.jar used
to contain classes of Ant that are dependent on TraX.  Since Ant 1.8.x
requires Java 1.4+ and TraX is part of the Java 1.4+ API, the contents
of said file have been merged into ant-nodeps.jar.

I don't think the added or missing jar is your problem but rather that
you've hit bug
<> or maybe

Ant 1.8.2 should fix it in either case.


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