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From 汪燕青 <>
Subject javac task encountered a compiling error at the 'import' statement
Date Tue, 22 Mar 2011 02:13:38 GMT
Hi everyone,


When I’m building a simple project with ANT 1.8.2, I encountered a compiling error at the
import statement of the java code file.

There only 2 java files: and com/ is in the root dir of the source directory, it has a public static method test() that will call;
 is in the package com, it calls A.test() from inside, with ‘import A;’
at the beginning following ‘package com;’.


         When I wrote a build.xml and added a <javac> task in it to compile the java
codes, there appeared a compiling error at the ‘import’ statement ---- ‘.’ needed
---- seems that can’t import the class at the root of the source directory in JAVA.

         But it runs well when I put the codes in Eclipse. And I tried all the attributes
of the javac task but still didn’t work. I don’t know why.


    Anyone faced the similar problem? How did you solve this? 

    Any suggestions would be highly appreciated!




The Eclipse project’s Java compiler setting is like this:



And I set the javac task’s source=”1.3” and target=”1.1”:

<javac source="1.3" target="1.1" srcdir="src"  destdir="class"/>

Will get the same error.



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