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From "Scot P. Floess" <>
Subject Re: How to get the stack of targets, from inside a task?
Date Thu, 24 Feb 2011 14:52:57 GMT

> Well, since (due to dependencies) the same target can be called from different other
> I am more interested on the actual stack of targets, which I believe could not be found
with XSLT...

No, you can definitely do that with XSLTt...  You can easily 
build up a list of dependencies...  I happened to have generated this in 
HTML, but you can just as easily have the XSLT generate a properties file 
if you wanted...

With XSLT you can select all targets with a depends attribute...  You can 
then iterate over values found in the depends attribute and match on all 
targets whose name attribute is from each value found in the depends...

My point is, it is possible...

If all you want is the list as you describe below - that should be simple 
in XSLT...  Can help you off list if you want...

>>> I am trying to develop a custom ant task, which ideally would like to get hold
of the stack of all parent targets.
>>> For example in this  configuration:
>>> <target name="one" depends="two,three"/>
>>> <target name="two"/>
>>> <target name="three" depends="four"/>
>>> <target name="four">
>>> 	<customtask />
>>> </target>
>>> if the command "ant one" was executed from the command line, I'd like to get
a list like this (in the task customtask):
>>> one, three, four
>>> In the documentation I found only the method getOwningTarget() which would only
return the current target, "four".
>>> Is there any way to do this?

Scot P. Floess             RHCT  (Certificate Number 605010084735240)
Chief Architect FlossWare

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