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From "Scot P. Floess" <>
Subject RE: Dual Java Compilers/Replacement for antcontrib
Date Tue, 15 Feb 2011 21:59:59 GMT

> Here's an altogether different approach, but if your developers' goal is
> to control what version of byte code is created, have them utilize the
> -source and -target attributes of the <javac> task.  I have my
> developers do that and it allows me to use the latest JDK for all builds
> (400+ development streams) while they're able to build components and
> applications executing in JVMs from 1.4 --> 1.6

Its been awhile...but if memory serves, I had a situation at work where 
we were using a newer JDK and compiling for an older VM.  Some method that 
existed in the new JDK didn't exist in the old - and targeting for the 
older VM didn't complain about the method not being there.  Honestly, I 
cannot rememebr the exact scenario - its been over a year.

However, just be aware in case that happens to you :)

Scot P. Floess

RHCT  (Certificate Number 605010084735240)

Chief Architect FlossWare

Chief Architect JPlate
Chief Architect JavaPIM
Chief Architect Keros

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