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From David Weintraub <>
Subject Dual Java Compilers/Replacement for antcontrib
Date Tue, 15 Feb 2011 19:38:32 GMT
I've got two questions:

Dual Java Compilers

I have a project that I build using Jenkins (previously Hudson)  which
allows me to choose the version of the JDK I want to use when building
the project. My developers want the ability to select the JAVA
compiler to use via a properties file.

The problem is that these too things *MAY* conflict with each other.
If I specify ${java.home}/bin/javac as the executable in my <javac>
task, will Jenkins choose the wrong version because $JAVA_HOME isn't
necessarily the same JAVA_HOME of the chosen JDK?

Replacement for AntContrib

One way I can completely override all of these issues is to use the
<if> task in AntContrib. However, AntContrib has been a dead project
for a while (not that people aren't using it, but it hasn't been
modified in over a decade). Is there a standard replacement for
AntContrib that everyone is now using?

David Weintraub

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