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From Gilbert Rebhan <>
Subject Re: Problems with <ant antfile..> and <java> - (directory path issues)
Date Mon, 10 Jan 2011 20:32:10 GMT
-------- Original Message  --------
Subject: Re: Problems with <ant antfile..> and <java> - (directory path
From: Laurence <>
Date: 01.01.2011 21:31

Hi, Laurence

> Gilbert,
> I was basically having the same problem you were (I discovered your post
> when I was trying to find a better fix).

> It's 1/1/2011 now and I am using the latest ANT (v1.8.2 was released on Dec
> 27) and have been trying every sort of combination with no luck at all.

we should create a bug report with our experience !?
Didn't try with ant 1.8.2 and also no further investigations since my
last post in September 2010

> I finally gave up and am using a Jython script block to do a "os.chdir" if I
> detect the paths are messed up. 
> I actually do two dir checks/fixes for each ant antfile call (if I have to
> change the working dir for the build.xml that gets called, I also have to
> undo it).

sounds interesting, could you provide more details, some snippets ?
Actually i'm using groovy for scripting purposes after switching from
javascript and lately from (j)ruby, so there should be similar

> I'm trying to avoid external bat files and shell scripts to try and keep
> things simple.

i dynamically create exec task with executable java.exe via <groovy>
task. Not very elegant but it works..

Regards, Gilbert

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