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From "Bailey, Darragh" <>
Subject RE: Apply argument wrapping with msiexec
Date Thu, 11 Nov 2010 10:54:15 GMT

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> From: Martin Gainty [] 
> Sent: 10 November 2010 21:52
> To: Ant Users List
> Subject: RE: Apply argument wrapping with msiexec
> coming late into the game..
> I ALWAYS use C:/DOCUME~1 instead of C:/Documents and Settings 
> and the shortened folder names always work with every tool under sun

Indeed, the only reason I'm hardcoding the values was for testing to see what was going on.
Normally I have a property being used at that point called build.dir. On windows, depending
on the OS version and where one checks out the project to the path can vary significantly.
C:\Users\...\workspace, E:\workspace\..., C:\Documents and Settings\...\workspace. In the
cases were there are no spaces in the path, everything works as expected.

I've yet to see mention of an easy way to convert paths to their 8.3 equivalent before use,
except by going the way of scripting.

Another alternative would probably be to use path convert and map "Documents and Settings"
to "DOCUME~1" using the assumption that this would always be the correct mapping. It would
certainly prevent the error occuring if someone has checked the project out under their user
directory on Windows XP.

> i have to inquire why bring msiexec into the mix?
> you can make, package and copy all with ant tools (and now 
> with maven using maven-nar-plugin)
> why drag msiexec into the build which works only some of the 
> time and ONLY with microsofts version of microsoft installer 
> the msiexec originally came with
> ?
> Martin 

I receive two installers from an another team, one in rpm and the other in msi. Rather than
extract the contents of these packages and commit them to svn, I prefer to take the packages
as they are a put them into svn unextracted. Then have Ant extract the files inside them to
publish to an ivy repository (they contain a JNI library, native C++ lib and headers) to be
used by other eclipse projects. 

Don't know where you got the idea that an installer created with a newer version of MSI can't
possibly work with an older version of msiexec? Installers can be created on W2K8 with v5
of msi and still working Windows XP with v3. If the installation package is created with dependency
on some newer functionality, then yes it's going to block you, but that's not much different
from any software. If you write an Ant script that uses functionality only released with 1.8.1,
then if will fail with Ant 1.7. But just because you use Ant 1.8.1, doesn't mean that you
can't write a script that works with versions going all they way back to 1.6.2 if you are
able to avoid using any of the new functionality.

Anyway, if I was building the installer myself, I'd be using wix. Already have one such installer
created for tomcat5 :-) .

Darragh Bailey

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