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From "Ludwig, Michael" <>
Subject RE: How to script database upgrade using ANT script
Date Fri, 05 Nov 2010 13:43:55 GMT
> can you please provide an example of how I could do this?

If you didn't top-post, it'd be easier to read your mail.

Take a look at the documentation for the <apply/> task in
the manual. Well, scroll down to the example section. Looks
like the <apply/> task applies the command to each file in
the nested <fileset/>. Which may or may not come in handy
for your purposes.

Note that the first example given in the manual is sort of
stupid, as it is wasteful to call "ls -l" once for each file
in a list of possibly hundreds of files, spawning a new
process each time around.

A better example would be a program that does something
more time-consuming and resource-intensive (like database
interaction) where the cost of spawning a new process
barely weighs in.

Maybe the maintainers can replace the example in the manual
with this one:

<apply executable="mysql">
  <arg value="-e"/>
    <fileset dir="batch/sql">
        <include name="**/*.sql"/>


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