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From Antoine Levy Lambert <>
Subject Re: How to script database upgrade using ANT script
Date Thu, 04 Nov 2010 16:45:37 GMT

you will need to use the <exec/> task for steps like creating the 
database and importing the dump into the new schema.
Once your database is up, you can use the <sqlexec/> task to run DDL and 
DML statements.
To check whether a script exists, there is a task called <available/> 
which can set a property if a file is available.
For error checking, you can run <exec/> with failonerror="true" to stop 
your build if a script fails.
You need to test before hand whether the system commands or the scripts 
that you will run to create the database and import the dump are 
returning proper exit statuses. (setting ERRORLEVEL on Windows or $? on 



On 11/4/10 12:28 PM, Java Jboss wrote:
> Hi,
> I’m a complete newbie to ANT and I need to write an ant script which
> upgrades a database version from base level 1.00 to a given version number
> by running a series of mysql (ver 5.1.45) scripts.
> Using ANT script I need to:
> 1) create a database
> 2) import mysql database(s) dump to a new schema
> 3) check current database version
> 4) then check if sql script1 exists
> 4.1) if "No" then check for next sql script until it has checked for all
> scripts then "end"
> 4.2) if "yes" then run first sql script then check if second sql script
> exists - if "yes" then run second sql script and so on until the required
> database version is reached.
> 5) check database version is at correct level then “end” or else start the
> loop again
> 6) how can I script error checking also
> Thank you all in advance.

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