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From David Weintraub <>
Subject Re: avoid ftp get if files are too old?
Date Sun, 10 Oct 2010 03:53:15 GMT
Have you looked at the "depends" parameter? The "depends" property
won't download a file if a file with the same name is already there,
and the file on the local machine has a newer timestamp than the file
on the remote machine. By default, "depends is set to "no" which means
it will download all the files even if you already have that file. Try
setting it to "yes" and see if that helps.

If the "depends" parameter doesn't work for you, a possibility is to
use the <sshexec> task to execute a command in your FTP server get a
listing of the files that are less than 10 days old. On Unix, you
could use the <sshexec> task to run a "find" command using the "mtime"

    $ find $directory -type f -mtime +10

You can then save the output to a file or a property and use that to
generate the files you want.

The other possibility is to use the <exec> task to actually run the
Unix ftp command itself. You can use a NETRC file (which can be passed
to the ftp command to run the commands you want (login, cd to the
correct file, and then run an "ls -l"). You'll probably have to then
parse this output with a shell script to get the information you need.

David Weintraub

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