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From Kieran Simpson <>
Subject Binding of typedefs to namespaces recursively
Date Fri, 08 Oct 2010 06:30:33 GMT
I have an Antlib foo.xml that contains

  <macrodef name="AwesomeTask" />

I have another Antlib bar.xml that uses foo.xml like so

<antlib xmlns:foo="">
  <typedef uri="" resource="foo.xml" />

  <macrodef name="CoolTask">
    <foo:AwesomeTask" />

I have a build file that uses bar.xml

<project name="">
  <target name="build">
    <typedef resource="bar.xml" uri=""/>

When I run the build, I get the error that foo:AwesomeTask is
undefined.  Running with verbose on I get:

 [macrodef] creating macro
 [macrodef] creating macro

It seems as if the binding of tasks in foo.xml to "" is
overridden by the binding of bar.xml to "".

To increase reuse/modularity across my projects I wanted to have
Antlibs that can use other Antlibs.  Maybe I'm abusing the Antlib

Kieran S

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