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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Something like "make install" in Ant
Date Fri, 22 Oct 2010 14:22:42 GMT
On 2010-10-22, Gökhan Özbulak wrote:

> I wonder if ant supports something like "make install" in make of GNU. I
> examined various build.xml files from various well known projects like
> Apache Tomcat etc., but couldn't see anything about installing files built
> into somewhere like /usr/bin in GNU/Linux distros.

Most Java projects think differently about "install" than native apps.
Taking Ant for example, "installing" it means unpack the distribution
wherever you want, set the ANT_HOME environment variable if you feel
like it (otherwise the wrapper script will figure it out in most cases
anyway) and add the bin directory to the PATH environment variable.

I think Tomcat has Windows installers and there are various platform
dependent packages for popular Java tools/libraries usually not
maintained by the actual developers of the tool/library.

Unfortunately the Linux distributor's ideas of where to put things -
what would be closest to what "make install" would do - likely are very
different from the original developers' ideas.  The RPM packages for Ant
ship with different/modified wrapper scripts for example and if you
report a bug against Ant a normal first reaction will be "uninstall the
RPM and install an official distribution".

But I'm getting carried away (Hi Stephen ;-).

My guess as to why there is no "make install" equivalent in most Ant
build files is that there is no "make install" equivalent in the mindest
of the project's developers.  I don't have Tomcat anywhere close to
/usr/bin or /usr/local/bin or /opt and neither is Ant on my Linux
development box, they live somewhere under my home directory.


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