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From efe4it <>
Subject Re: Access denied with ant copy task
Date Fri, 29 Oct 2010 18:51:57 GMT


You did not tell much about your runtime environnement but I assume that:
1/ you are running Hudson's Container (Tomcat?) under a specific user (e.g.
hudson_user), non-admin as recommended
2/ you need access to network directory

In my opinion, this is more hudson- and system-related than ant concern.
Actually you'd better keep the build tool unaware of this access rights

Note: If target host is Linux, better use SSH copy (<sshexec> & <scp>)

The following is for connecting to a Windows share, experimented with
Tomcat6 on Win2008

I had problems using UNC paths so I decided to create network drives in the
context of hudson_user.
You can use the "net use" command to mount drive with non-default
If hudson_user is not a domain account (my case), you need to recreate a
second user on the remote machine as a regular user, say hudson_remote_user.
On the remote machine, create "hudson_remote_user/<password>" and give it
write (full?) access on your share's real location

Now you need to connect as hudson_user (modify account props to allow
opening a session via remote desktop)
Then run: net use \\REMOTE_COMP\Share /user:REMOTE_COMP\hudson_remote_user

Create a JOB to test with Hudson
My Hudson calls ANT that calls <exec> that calls a shell script that calls
"net use" to avoid having passwords displayed in Hudson output.

You may want to have Hudson recreate the drive-mapping when starting. 
In that case install the following plugin:
Doing so, whenever you restart Tomcat service, your network drive are
Have the Tomcat service start when the machine boot and your network drives
will always be ready whatever happen.



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