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From "Bailey, Darragh" <>
Subject RE: Trouble with <copy> and <DirSet>
Date Fri, 10 Sep 2010 16:04:04 GMT

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> From: Aaron Mackley [] 
> Sent: 10 September 2010 15:40
> To:
> Subject: RE: Trouble with <copy> and <DirSet>
> Stefan,


> I currently have this code: (I am trying to copy prefs.js to 
> the random
> directory *.default.)
> <copy todir="${firefox.dir}">
> 	<dirset dir="${firefox.dir}">
> 		<include name="**/*.default"/>
> 	</dirset>
> 	<fileset dir="${apps.dir}/Firefox">
> 		<include name="prefs.js"/>
> 	</fileset>
> </copy>
> Is this the right way to go about this?

That would attempt to copy the xxxxxxxxx.default directory to the firefox directory.

There was a thread a week ago titled "How to get the last folder name?" which should solve
this problem for you.

> I want to get the path to the last child folder in some parent 
> directory. Tried this:
>          <path id="_lastname">
>              <last>
>                  <sort>
>                      <fileset dir="C:\my\parent"/>
>                  </sort>
>              </last>
>          </path>
>          <property name="_lastname2" location="${_lastname}"/>

The person had one mistake that was corrected by Matt Benson, he should have used "${toString:_lastname}"
in order to convert to a property.

So your code would become something like the following:

<path id="path.firefox.default.profile">
  <dirset dir="${firefox.dir}">
       I'm assumming that to avoid getting a directory below 
       the profile directory, that sort will return the results 
       in the order of the shortest path.
        <include name="**/*.default" />

<property name="firefox.default.profile.dir" location="${toString:path.firefox.default.profile}"

<copy todir="${firefox.default.profile.dir}" >
  <fileset dir="${apps.dir}/Firefox" >
    <include name="prefs.js" />

This is untested and just constructed based on the person saying that it worked after making
the changes suggested.

Darragh Bailey

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