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From Michael Ludwig <>
Subject <path> and <classpath> - interchangeable?
Date Mon, 23 Aug 2010 00:27:55 GMT
I'm wondering what's the difference between <path> and <classpath>.
Why are there these two construct? Aren't they functionally identical?

This is not about the environment variables, but about the Ant

The question has been asked here, but not really answered:

difference between path,pathelemnt,classpath and fileset tags

And also here:

path classpath

This time, the answer is: "There is no difference in type."

If this is so, it wouldn't hurt to state that in the manual. Looks like
there is no dedicated reference page for these constructs, but examples
for <path> and <classpath> are given here:

Is it correct to say that the whole <path>/<classpath> thing can be
explained historically by reference to the <javac> task? Which sports
@classpath, @sourcepath, @bootclasspath and @extdirs, all <path> types?

So are <path> and <classpath> interchangeable?

Michael Ludwig

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