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From Shawn Castrianni <>
Subject RE: [Newbie] Nice way of concatenating files
Date Mon, 19 Jul 2010 16:06:33 GMT
This worked in my test.  It uses the antcontrib tasks called "for" and "var" declared using
the xmlns within the root <project> element.

<project name="concat-test" xmlns:ac="antlib:net.sf.antcontrib">
   <target name="concat-test">
	<!--Loop over each html.part file found in webparts directory-->
      <ac:for param="webPartFile">
         <fileset dir="${basedir}/webparts">
            <include name="*.html.part"/>
		<!--Use antcontrib to clear out property for each loop iteration since ant properties
are immutable-->
            <ac:var name="webPartFileRoot" unset="true"/>
		<!--Calculate root file name of web part minus any directories and extensions-->
            <basename property="webPartFileRoot" file="@{webPartFile}" suffix=".html.part"/>
		<!--Perform concatenation specifying the header and footer from a webtemplates directory
and output to web directory-->
            <concat destfile="${basedir}/web/${webPartFileRoot}.html">
               <header file="${basedir}/webtemplates/header.html"/>
               <fileset file="@{webPartFile}"/>
               <footer file="${basedir}/webtemplates/footer.html"/>

Shawn Castrianni

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From: Matthew Jaggard [] 
Sent: Monday, July 19, 2010 10:40 AM
To: Ant Users List
Subject: Re: [Newbie] Nice way of concatenating files

I saw this but couldn't work out how to apply it to a selection of
files as my script does. It needs to look for all scripts labeled
*.html.part and concatenate header.html, the file and then footer.html
to create *.html. For example for the following directory...


I need to create
index.html from header.html + index.html.part + footer.html
page1.html from header.html + page1.html.part + footer.html


On 19 July 2010 16:06, Jonathan Rosenberg <> wrote:
> Ant's <concat/> task is what you want:
> --
> Jonathan Rosenberg
> Founder & Executive Director, Tabby's Place
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> From: [] On Behalf Of
> Matthew Jaggard
> Sent: Monday, July 19, 2010 11:00 AM
> To: user
> Subject: [Newbie] Nice way of concatenating files
> Hi,
>   Sorry for the newbie question. I have written a task to concatenate
> files but want to do it better (in a more platform independent way) as
> it currently relies on "cat" being an available executable. Can anyone
> tell me how to do this using the <concat> task or anything?
>        <target name="-pre-compile">
>                <apply executable="cat">
>                        <arg value="${web.docbase.dir}/header.html "/>
>                        <srcfile/>
>                        <arg value="${web.docbase.dir}/footer.html "/>
>                        <fileset dir="${web.docbase.dir}/"
> includes="*.html.part" excludes="" />
>                        <mapper type="glob" from="*.html.part" to="*.html"/>
>                        <redirector>
>                                <outputmapper id="out" type="glob"
> from="*.html.part"
> to="${build.web.dir}/*.html"/>
>                        </redirector>
>                </apply>
>        </target>
> Many thanks,
> Mat.
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