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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: junit tests running slower in 1.8 than in 1.7
Date Fri, 23 Jul 2010 05:10:51 GMT
On 2010-07-22, Laura Dean wrote:

> My team has a unit test suite that ran in about a minute and a half
> with ant 1.6.5 (and 1.7.1), but now takes over 4 minutes with ant
> 1.8.1 (or 1.8.0).  Has anyone else had this problem?  The closest I've
> found via google is here, but it doesn't shed much light on the
> subject:


Ant 1.8.0 changed some parts of the process execution logic to adapt to
problems with hanging grandchild processes on Windows.  This changes
have a side-effect (which we cannot seem to avoid) that causes any
forked process to use up at least about half a second.  With 1.8.1 the
same logic changes have been applied to other OSes as well.

So if you build process was forking a lot of small processes, a major
slowdown is to be expected.

> We're running junit with fork=yes and forkmode=once.

forkmode="once" should just create a single new process and you'd only
be paying the overhead once - not for each test.  This is the first
thing I'd look into, makesure there really only is a single VM forked.

> For the curious, I've created a simplified project here:
> .

I'll look into it.


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