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From Susanne Wunsch <>
Subject Re: Ant devs need help from users with "exotic" OSes
Date Thu, 10 Jun 2010 12:54:24 GMT
Stefan Bodewig <> writes:

Also nothing special with FreeBSD:

Detected OS_NAME: freebsd
Detected OS_ARCH: i386
Detected OS_VERSION: 8.0-stable
Detected Java Version: 1.6.0_07
Detected Java Vendor: The FreeBSD Foundation
Detected Java VM Version: 10.0-b23
Detected Java VM Name: Diablo Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM

Both methods returned the same environment information

> Hi all,
> we are considering to change the code that reads environment variables
> inside of Ant from the current "fork a platform specific executable"
> approach System.getenv() when running on Java5+.  This change may result
> in different results and so we need your help in order to determine what
> kind of differences we may encounter.
> We already know that System.getenv() returns two or three additional
> environment variables on Windows while we seem to get the same results
> on various flavors of Linux, as well as Solaris and Mac OS X using
> different versions of Java.
> <> contains a simple
> command line Java tool (requires Java5+) that we'd ask anybody with
> access to an operating system not listed above to execute (java -jar
> ant-env.jar).  If it reports any differences, please let us know via
> <> (if it isn't
> already there, that is).
> In particular we'd love to hear from people running z/OS or OpenVMS.
> Many thanks
>      Stefan
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read you ...

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