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From "Holzwarth, Dominique (Berne Branch)" <>
Subject Invoke child build scripts from master build script
Date Tue, 08 Jun 2010 07:56:36 GMT
Hi all

I have the following source structure:


The purpose of the build.xml inside the folder "productA" a is to configure which modules
belong to a certain product (there could be a productB with another configuration of modules).
The productA/build.xml should iterate over the modules/moduleX/build.xml files and execute
their tasks.

I've read the doc about the <subant> task but I'm failing to get it work...

My master build.xml (the one in product/productA) looks like this:

        <macrodef name="iterate" >
                <attribute name="target"/>
                        <subant target="@{target}" genericantfile="build.xml" >
                                <fileset dir="/path/to/modules" includes="*/build.xml"/>

        <target name="compile">
                <iterate target="compile" />

Since most of the modules are compiled in the same way, I have created a common.xml which
defines common tasks:

      <target name="compile" description="compile the sources" >
                <terp.cpp       compiler="^gcc(^file('/opt/omap-evm/toolchain/bin/arm-none-linux-gnueabi-gcc'))"
                        <!-- more stuff here -->

A specific build.xml of a module looks like:

<project name="moduleA" basedir=".">
        <property name="artifact-type" value="archive" />
        <import file="path/to/common.xml" />

My problem is:
The sources of the modules (I'm testing it for 1 module) are compiled, however, the base directory
seems to be the one where the master script (products/productA/build.xml) is stored. Due to
that fact, relative paths such as tempDir="obj" are created at the wrong location!

Is there any way to _CHANGE_ the working directory when invoking the moduleX/build.xml scripts??
I've played around with 'genericantfile' and 'antfile' attributes but had no success :-/

Any help is highly appreciated!

Dominique Holzwarth | Talaris
Software Engineer
Talaris Limited, London (GB), Berne Branch, Meriedweg 11, CH-3172 Niederwangen, Switzerland

T +41 (0) 31 980 42 65

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