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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Ant devs need help from users with "exotic" OSes
Date Wed, 09 Jun 2010 12:43:21 GMT
Hi all,

we are considering to change the code that reads environment variables
inside of Ant from the current "fork a platform specific executable"
approach System.getenv() when running on Java5+.  This change may result
in different results and so we need your help in order to determine what
kind of differences we may encounter.

We already know that System.getenv() returns two or three additional
environment variables on Windows while we seem to get the same results
on various flavors of Linux, as well as Solaris and Mac OS X using
different versions of Java.

<> contains a simple
command line Java tool (requires Java5+) that we'd ask anybody with
access to an operating system not listed above to execute (java -jar
ant-env.jar).  If it reports any differences, please let us know via
<> (if it isn't
already there, that is).

In particular we'd love to hear from people running z/OS or OpenVMS.

Many thanks


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