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From Michael Ludwig <>
Subject Re: Invoke child build scripts from master build script
Date Tue, 08 Jun 2010 12:51:16 GMT
Holzwarth, Dominique (Berne Branch) schrieb am 08.06.2010 um 08:56 (+0100):

> -products
>         |--productA
>                 |--build.xml
> -modules
>         |--moduleA
>                 |--build.xml
>         |--moduleB
>                 |--build.xml
>         |--moduleC
>                 |--build.xml
> The purpose of the build.xml inside the folder "productA" a is
> to configure which modules belong to a certain product (there
> could be a productB with another configuration of modules). The
> productA/build.xml should iterate over the modules/moduleX/build.xml
> files and execute their tasks.

> My problem is:
> The sources of the modules (I'm testing it for 1 module) are
> compiled, however, the base directory seems to be the one where the
> master script (products/productA/build.xml) is stored. Due to that
> fact, relative paths such as tempDir="obj" are created at the wrong
> location!

Would rearranging the build files solve the problem? What about moving
productA/build.xml two levels up to the directory containing products/
and modules/, and creating targets called "productA", "productB", etc?

Michael Ludwig

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