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From Bruce Atherton <>
Subject Re: ANT for dummies
Date Sun, 30 May 2010 19:28:00 GMT
As the manual says, the details of the short story are available in the 
rest of the document. In particular, most of the list items in the short 
story have a link that leads you to details about that step. If you want 
to know what dest=system represents (many don't and describing it would 
just be noise for them), then follow the link on that list item[1].

The fetch.xml has been around a while and has been mentioned in some 
portions of the Ant documentation, but it has only very recently been 
brought into the installing Ant section of the manual. Previously, the 
manual suggested that users manually download each of the library 
dependencies for tasks that they are interested in. Hopefully the change 
will make it easier for users to use more of the tasks available.

The fetch.xml is in the ANT_HOME directory which should be the current 
directory. That detail should probably be added to the manual.


On 30/05/2010 5:18 AM, glenn opdycke-hansen wrote:
> To install Ant, follow the instructions at
> Bruce had more information on this above.
> I did notice that there is an extra step:
> 5. Optionally, run ant -f fetch.xml -Ddest=system to get the library
>> dependencies of most of the Ant optional tasks. If you don't do this, many
>> of the optional Ant tasks will not be available. See Optional Tasks<#optionalTasks>
>> details and other options for the -Ddest parameter.
> What is "system"? Is it replaced with the ant home?  Or is it a literal?
> Is this step new with 1.8?
> Where is the fetch.xml script?
> Does current directory need to be set?
> <>
> --glenn

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