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Subject Deployment Chain with Multi Property replacement
Date Thu, 22 Apr 2010 08:29:09 GMT
Hi List,

trying to get my Head around this for quite some time. The proposed Ant 
Script should move a Directiry-Tree of Property Files from Location A to 
Location B and later to C and more. After each move some Properties in 
some Property Files should get reconfigured based on some external 
included Property (list) files. The PropertyFile Task seems to be quite 
right but modifies just one Property File. Also i have to hardcode every 
Propertyfile and Property for each reconfiguration. On the other side i 
could use the Replace Task but that would only work with Neutralised 
Property Values which cancels the further propagation from B to C.

Is there someone who successfully setup a System which Moves Property 
Files trough a Directory Chain (from A to B and from there to C) with 
multiple replacements depending on a list of properties in each location 
in multiple Files?

Any Suggestion is greatly appreciated.

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