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From Martin Gainty <>
Subject RE: Calling CYGWIN from ANT via EXEC
Date Wed, 14 Apr 2010 17:17:44 GMT

i believe the majority of  SGML parsers will parse
better known as non-braking space character as 'space character'

you can also try the old hex 20 e.g.

if its Windoze folder name try the '8.3 name'
C:\Documents and Settings 

dumb question but i have to ask why not launch cygwin beforehand and run your ant scripts
from there?
(at least you would have the same JVM and classloader)

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> Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2010 08:26:50 -0700
> From:
> Subject: Calling CYGWIN from ANT via EXEC
> To:
> It's actually much easier to use CYGWIN from Ant than stated in the documentation with
the <exec> task.  Here is an example of using Ant to run a shell script via CYGWIN (be
sure the shell script is formatted for unix):
>                    <exec executable="c:\cygwin\bin\bash.exe">
>                      <arg value="--login"/>
>                      <arg value="-c"/>
>                      <arg value="/cygdrive/c/BuildDeployScripts/ ${scp.keyfile}
${fileToSCP} ${scp.user} ${} ${}"/>
>                    </exec>
> Note that all arguments to the script in this case must be on the same <arg> as
the script file or they won't show up as args to the script, but rather, args to bash.  I
haven't figured out how to send an argument with spaces in it, but I'm sure you Ant guru's
could tell me.  Any help there?  I tried ' "argument with spaces" arg2', but that
didn't work.  CYGWIN wants spaces escaped.
> Thanks,
> Eric
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