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From Dimitris Mouchritsas <>
Subject filterina a file using in jar -> metainf task
Date Tue, 02 Feb 2010 16:42:32 GMT
Hi all,
is it possible to use a filter in the metainf task of jar task?
Currently my build file is like this:
     <target name="domain-dist" description="Build the distribution jar"
         <jar destfile="${dist.prepare.dir}/${}"
              <patternset refid="domain.classes.pattern" />
              <metainf dir="${etc.dir}/domain/META-INF" />

In etc/domain/META-INF I have the persistence.xml file for my entity 
beans and I would like to be able to pass the datasource name through a
filter (or a property?)
e.g. original file:
desired file:

Is this possible or I have to use <copy> task?


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