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From "Brian Repko" <>
Subject Re: Nested import task problem / anttask problem
Date Tue, 23 Feb 2010 19:52:00 GMT


What do you mean by "execute target-a using ProjectHelper"?

I get "execute target-a using Launcher or Main" but not ProjectHelper.

Do you mean with a custom ProjectHelper?  That won't necessarily work,
as per the documentation for import (that the import functionality is
built into ProjectHelper2).

This works in Ant 1.8 (via command line) as you get the following steps:

target-a defined
import of b.xml
target-b defined
target-b1 defined
_warnExists defined
import of c.xml
target-c defined (and target-b and target-a both are there)


----- Original message -----
From: "Gopala Krishna" <>
Date: Tue, 23 Feb 2010 17:48:06 +0530
Subject: Nested import task problem / anttask problem



I am trying to execute an ant target through program. I have used import
task and those are nested in each build file. This is working fine when
executed via command line and throwing error when I execute target-a using


The below are my ant build files. Has anyone tried these kind of import
tasks. Please let me know where exactly I am going wrong with this.




<project name="project-a" basedir="." Default="target-b">

 <import file="b.xml"/>

  <target name="target-a">

    <echo file="/tmp/project-a.txt">This is target a</echo>






<project name="project-b" basedir="." default="">

  <import file="c.xml"/>

    <target name="target-b">

            <echo file="/tmp/project-b.txt">This is target b</echo>

            <antcall target="_warnExists"/>


  <target name="target-b1">

                        <antcall target="_warnExists"/>


            <target name="_warnExists">

                        <echo>Appears to already exist</echo>






<project name="project-c" basedir="." default="">

  <target name="target-c" depends=" target-b,target-a">

    <echo file="/tmp/project-c.txt">This is target c</echo>




I am getting the error  ""C:\build\test\test\b.xml:5: The following error
occurred while executing this line:

Target "target-a" does not exist in the project "project-b". It is used from
target "target-c".""


Your help is more appreciate.







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