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From "Brian Repko" <>
Subject extension-point/extensionOf and imports
Date Fri, 19 Feb 2010 14:11:59 GMT
As per the documentation on extension-points, there is a note
that this is designed to be used with imported build files.
I tried to create the example given (see attached files) where
build.xml imports targets and an extension-point and then
adds a dependency via the extensionOf.

This results in an error that the extension-point does not exist,
which it doesn't because the import is done after the
build is parsed.  I believe that I have the intent correct but
that there is a bug in TargetHelper in ProjectHelper2.  I can
see that the extensionOf needs to find the other target so that
it can add a dependency but that that target doesn't
exist since the import stack hasn't been fully popped.

I believe that the fix is to change ProjectHelper2 (I will try to
create my own in the short term) to add the extension to
a stack which then is processed after the import stack is done.
That is, all extensions should be done after the imports
are done.

Do I have the intent right?

I can add the extensionOfs to another file that is then imported
last and that works but its not what I want.
Brian Repko
LearnThinkCode, Inc.
phone: +1 612 229 6779

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