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From "Knuplesch, Juergen" <>
Subject Setting environment variables
Date Wed, 24 Feb 2010 15:12:08 GMT

I want to run a dmake using ANT to compile some C-Source.

There is a Batchfile that sets up some compiler environment variables.
Now I want to run this Batchfile and then execute a dmake that uses these environment variables.

Is it possible to get the environmet variables "inside" ANT?

This is what I do and what does not work:

    <exec executable="cmd.exe" dir="D:/Programme/Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0/VC/bin" >
      <arg value="vcvars32.bat" />

    <property environment="env" />
    <echo level="info" message="env.Path=${env.Path}" />
    <echo level="info" message="env.FrameworkVersion=${env.FrameworkVersion}" />

   <exec executable="${make.exefile}" dir="${svn.exportbox}/dope/src">
      <env key="Path" path="${make.dir};${env.Path}" />
      <env key="INIT" path="${make.dir}" />
      <env key="CPDEVROOT" path="${svn.exportboxbase}" />
      <env key="CPLIBROOT" path="${svn.exportboxbase}/cplib" />
      <env key="CPLCC" path="${make.c.compiler}" />

      <arg value="${make.c.compiler}=1"/>
      <arg value="${make.system}=1"/>
      <arg value="RELEASE=1"/>
      <arg value="-u"/>
      <arg value="-v"/>

J├╝rgen Knuplesch                    

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