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From Francis GALIEGUE <>
Subject Recording tasks output while silencing stdout
Date Wed, 02 Dec 2009 09:54:44 GMT
Hello everyone,

I have a system which works OK, but now I want to go a step further
and record the output to log files but silence stdout. In fact, I want
to obtain something like the KBuild output which just outputs some
things like:

CC somefile.o
CC someotherfile.o
LINK libsomething.o

ant -emacs hides the [taskname], which is good. But I cannot obtain
the tasks themselves to go silent, which I don't want. I know how to
record the output using the <record> task. I know I could also use
<exec> and record the output, but I'd like to avoid that...

I can already silence <cvs> with reallyquiet=true, but I cannot
silence any other tasks. Here is an example of what I'd like to

    <target name="copy-sources" depends="download">
        <mkdir dir="${flat.sources}"/>
        <for list="${modulelist}" param="module">
                    <available file="${cvsdir}/@{module}/src" type="dir"/>
                        <copy todir="${flat.sources}" includeemptydirs="false">
                            <fileset dir="${cvsdir}/@{module}/src"

<record> won't help, since while it will record in a file, it will
also echo to stdout...

Any hints?


Francis Galiegue
Ingénieur système
Mob : +33 (0) 683 877 875
Tel : +33 (0) 178 945 552
40 avenue Raymond Poincaré
75116 Paris

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