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From Karsten Wutzke <>
Subject Copy task bug?
Date Sat, 19 Dec 2009 16:20:53 GMT
Hello all,

I have a simple copy task, that will copy ~4000 files in a directory tree to another dir *unchanged*:

  <target name="install" description="Places the files into their preferred locations">
    <copy todir="./destination" preservelastmodified="true" overwrite="false" verbose="false">
      <fileset dir="./source"/>

For some unknown reason, the Ant copy task overwrites image files even if overwrite="false".
For all other file types preservation of existing files seems to work, that is existing *.ini,
*.xml, *.php files are skipped. It's just that the copy *always* destroys/overwrites my own
logo.png in the destination's images subdir.

Is this a bug?

I had to change my fileset to

      <fileset dir="./source" excludes="images/logo.png"/>

to make it work. But it's just an unreliable workaround.

Can anyone tell what it is? Could you please try this on your machine please and confirm Ant's
wrong behavior? Whenever that task is called and there are files in the destination dir, no
files should be overwritten. But the logo.png always is...


PS: The dir structure is this

+-- destination
+-- source
     +-- dir1
     +-- dir2
     +-- images
            +-- logo.png
     +-- dir3

Of course you must copy another logo.png file to the destination dir for each run.

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