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From "Knuplesch, Juergen" <>
Subject AW: Filesets
Date Fri, 18 Dec 2009 13:33:16 GMT

exclude name="**/pages"/>
Takes all files from any subdir called "pages" but no subdir of pages

<exclude name="**/pages/**"/>
Takes all files from any subdir called "pages" but and all files of subdirs of pages

<exclude name="pages/**"/>
takes all files of subdirs of pages

<exclude name="**/pages**"/>
Takes all files that filenam starts with pages

<exclude name="**/pages/>
Syntax error because second " is missing

<exclude name="*/pages" /> (second " added)
Takes all files from a subdir called "pages", that is one dir deep (xxx/pages but not xxx/xxx/pages)
but no subdir of pages

<exclude name="*/pages/*"> (second " added)
Takes all subdirs of depth 1 from a subdir pages that is depth 1 (xx/pages/xx, but not xx/pages/xx/xx

J├╝rgen Knuplesch                    
-----Urspr├╝ngliche Nachricht-----
Von: Ziggy [] 
Gesendet: Freitag, 18. Dezember 2009 14:00
An: Ant Users List
Betreff: Filesets


I am trying to understand how the selection of files and directories work.
Could you explain the difference between the following.

exclude name="**/pages"/>
<exclude name="**/pages/**"/>
<exclude name="pages/**"/>
<exclude name="**/pages**"/>
<exclude name="**/pages/>
<exclude name="*/pages/>
<exclude name="*/pages/*>


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