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From supareno <>
Subject Re: Slash issue in ANT script
Date Fri, 27 Nov 2009 18:11:46 GMT
> hi,
> My script should work both in Unix and winddows, I don't know how to handle
> slash (\) in ANT script in this case. Could some one please help me.
> For example, how to make below path as a valid path both in windows and
> unix, which has both back slash & forward slash 
> C:\Release\work/src/server/
> Please help me.
"C:\Release" will not work under *nix. you could build the release in a 
project folder like below:
    |_ build.xml
    |_ src
       |_ main
       |_ test
    |_ build (or release) // this folder will be used for your release :-)

after, if you want to move the build on the server, you can use a build 
property to set
the root dit where to move this build.

hope this help


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