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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Why does the <fileset> implementation keep track of filesNotIncluded, dirsNotIncluded?
Date Tue, 06 Oct 2009 04:13:26 GMT
On 2009-10-05, Bryan Pendleton <> wrote:

> I don't understand why DirectoryScanner feels the need to track
> the files and directories that were *not* included in my fileset.

The DirectoryScanner API provides methods to access those files and
directories after a scan.  Right now I don't think any task uses them,
but they have been part of the initial API early 2000 and been kept
around (and functional) for backwards compatibility reasons.

> Could this be made optional, so that DirectoryScanner only tracks
> this information if I ask it to?

In a way it already does.  I.e. when you have a pattern like

<include name="foo/**"/>

Ant will only traverse into foo and ignore all sibling directories of
foo because they can not contain included files/dirs.  When it is asked
for excluded or not-included files it will recognize it hasn't scanned
everything and start a new scan in "slow" mode.

The code is really optimized for speed rather than memory usage
therefore information on files and directories that have already been
seen once is kept.  Otherwise Ant would have to start a completely fresh
scan when asked for not-included or excluded files.

>From the top of my head I'm not sure whether you could modify
DirectoryScanner's behaviour without being forced to modify subclasses
as well.  Ant alone has a few of them - for zip and tar archives,
DependScanner for the depend task and one for the remote directories in
the ftp task - and it could mean breaking the contract for those
subclasses provided by third parties.

> I ran what I thought was a fairly simple Ant target, to
> remove unwanted JUnit output from my build tree:

>     <target name="cleanTests">
>         <delete>
>             <fileset dir="${SRCROOT}" includes="**/TEST-*.txt"/>
>         </delete>
>     </target>

Is there any way you can make the pattern more specific or can the test
output files really be everywhere in you source tree?


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