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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Xalan hinders saxon: converting property values
Date Thu, 08 Oct 2009 15:35:07 GMT
On 2009-10-08, Martin Gainty <> wrote:

> i *thought*
> SAX is for event based XML parsing
> XALAN parses the entire DOM document

Uhm, not quite.

First of all J├╝rgen is talking about Saxon, not SAX.  Saxon is an
alternative XSLT processor, see <>

SAX and DOM are two different approaches to parsing a document, a pull
based model is yet another approach (used by the .NET XML parser classes
or StAX <> for example).

While I don't know which approach Xalan-J uses when parsing the source
document or the stylesheet, I'd be suprised if it was pure DOM.


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