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From Max Danielsson <>
Subject SSL keystore export/import with ant tasks.
Date Tue, 13 Oct 2009 06:51:39 GMT
Hi, I've been spending some time migrating most of a building 
environment over to ant to provide a simpler and cross-system building 
solution for a client/server java application and i got kinda stuck at 
one particular step when it comes to creating SSL keys.

I found the wonderful task Genkey for creating SSL key stores and adding 
certificates into them. This tool was simple enough for me to understand 
and execute, but when it comes to exporting one certificate from one 
store and putting it in another, i can't seem to find any ant task that 
is suitable for my need.

The current temporary solution is to use the exec task to execute 
keytools to do this for me, something that does work, but isn't the 
prettiest solution. So, for clarity the keytool steps for exporting and 
importing certificates in already existing stores are as follows (And if 
i'm doing something blatantly wrong, please correct me.).

*keytool -export -keystore -storepass server -alias Server 
-file server.cer
keytool -import -alias Server -file server.cer -keystore 
-storepass nmsclient

keytool -export -keystore -storepass client -alias Client 
-file client.cer
keytool -import -alias Client -file client.cer -keystore 
-storepass server*

What i'm wondering if it's possible ( That is without creating my own 
custom task ) to do this with an pure ant task.

Best regards MB-JD.

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