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Subject How to override targets specified in import file
Date Mon, 21 Sep 2009 19:58:21 GMT
I imagine by now I'm the umpteenth person to ask about something like
this, but the search patterns to find this don't seem to be that simple.

I'm working on a small project inside a large EAR.  The small project
imports the main project build file, which defines the important
"create-ear" target.

I have a need to modify this so the main "create-ear" target calls a
"stub" target that can be overridden in sub-projects to do additional
work in the EAR construction.  If the sub-project doesn't need to do any
additional work, it wouldn't define the target, so only the empty stub
would execute.

In my case, at least my sub-project has to create an APP-INF/lib
directory (if it doesn't exist), and copy certain jars from the
sub-project into that created directory.

I suppose I could instead make the "stub" instead do real work and
assume that the sub-project has defined a "app-inf-jars" property (for
instance) and create the APP-INF/lib directory and copy in the paths
specified in that property, and do nothing if that property isn't set.
I'm not sure which is more reasonable.

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