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From Gilbert Rebhan <>
Subject Re: Proposal for improving Ant output (post-1.7)
Date Thu, 03 Sep 2009 22:04:47 GMT
Ernst de Haan schrieb:
> Here's an initial proposal for improving Ant output, making it less
> verbose:
> What do you think? Do you consider the current Ant output too verbose or
> just fine?

Sometimes it's too verbose as some ant tasks are too talkative IMO,
f.e. copy, cvs ..
Ant core has features to set the loglevel for the whole build but lacks
a feature that allows to set the loglevel _inside_ the script for
selective tasks only

But there are solutions, like own loggers or special tasks =
years ago i read about a setloglevel task on a blog - don't remember
where - so the idea for that task is not mine.
Only had to change the code that has been posted a bit to make it work

The task is very simple, but very useful, see source =

This little task should be part of ant core
- use it quit often for chatty :-) tasks - but i don't know
how to get it into ant core, and finally it's not grown in my brain
originally ..

Regards, Gilbert

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