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From Michael Ludwig <>
Subject Re: SCP task succeeds on client, but no file created on remote site
Date Thu, 03 Sep 2009 13:32:20 GMT schrieb:

> I am just trying to copy one file from my local computer to my remote
> server using an scp task.  According to my local computer, my attempt
> works: I get "BUILD SUCCESSFUL" and even the number of bytes per
> second that the transfer took.  However, the file does not appear on
> the server.

> <property name="file" location="z:/test.txt"/>
> <property name="dest" location="/test"/>

Read the doc for the <property> task, especially what property/@location
evaluates to. Add these to check the values:

> <target name="test">

<echo message="${file}"/>
<echo message="${dest}"/>

>     <scp file="${file}" todir="root@MySiteHere:${dest}"
>          password="MyPasswordHere" trust="true" verbose="true"
>          sftp="true"/>
> </target>

If your local computer is Windows, this might not be adequate. Even if
it is UNIX, it might not be adequate.

Michael Ludwig

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