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From "Rick Genter" <>
Subject RE: javac can't find source files
Date Thu, 13 Aug 2009 21:20:41 GMT
> From: Mike Baranczak []
> Sent: Thursday, August 13, 2009 2:17 PM
> To: Ant Users List
> Subject: Re: javac can't find source files
> Like I said, it works fine under MacOS. I've been using Ant for a long
> time on several different operating systems, and I've never seen
> anything like this.
> The file system theoretically shouldn't matter - it's one of those
> level details that Java code doesn't even know about. I only mentioned
> the file system because that's the only difference I can think of
> between the working and the non-working builds. I suppose it might be
> a bug in the JVM or the Linux HFS driver - but it's hard to believe
> that something like that wouldn't have appeared sooner.

It might be the encoding used in the filename. I think HFS+ volumes
might use MacRoman for their character encoding. Instead of <javac>, try
doing something else with an include set of "*.java" and see if the
other task sees them (<copy> maybe). Then try with "*" and see what

Rick Genter
Principal Software Engineer
Silverlink Communications

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