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From Gilbert Rebhan <>
Subject Re: Help needed regarding Java task
Date Thu, 27 Aug 2009 19:39:08 GMT
Nadun Herath schrieb:
>     I have to run a Java program Called MiniJavaParser using different file names as
arguements several 
>     times using Java Task.  When it runs it gives the message
>   "MiniJava program parsed successfully"   or  Encountered errors during parse.
> I want to declare a variable as a counter and increment it's value when it gives the
message "MiniJava Program parsed successfully". 
> What is the approach I should take. 

when your java task does things "several times" why not make it a new
ant task or a macrodef / scriptdef (use a language that runs on JVM via
BSF, f.e. jruby/groovy/beanshell/javascript/jython ...) ?

That way you'll have full access to ant api and project scope, means you
may set new properties (and even overwrite existing properties f.e. a
counter) for further processing in your ant workflow.

Other approaches =

grep the return from your java class with outputproperty, find examples
via google > ant+java+outputproperty, first result gives me =

the java task has several attributes to catch stdout stderr .. see =

low level = writing to a file as already mentioned in another post
from this thread

Regards, Gilbert

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