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From Stefan Walter>
Subject Re: Selecting source files if they have been compiled
Date Fri, 21 Aug 2009 06:54:52 GMT
David Weintraub, 20.08.09, 23:13h CEST:

> Patternsets to the rescue!
> <patternset id="src">
>     <include ${pattern1}.java/>
> </patternset>
> <javac
>     sourcepath="">
>     <patterset refid="src"/>
> </javac>
> Your different tasks can define different patternsets for source files.

Thanks for your reply. That would certainly work; however, I would have to
know the pattern in advance, which basically means I would have to
maintain the list of source files to be copied manually (to a certain

The source directory contains around 700 classes in a number of packages.
Currently, I merely tell javac to compile a few classes (~10 files) which
provide the actual functionality/API to the outside and let it pull in
others (~100 files - data structures, utility classes etc. spread over the
source tree) as dependencies. Getting the whole list of classes/source
files after they have been compiled would have the advantage that I would
not have to care about which classes are actually used in the library.

Best regards,

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