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From Mike Baranczak <>
Subject Re: Copy arbitrary files into jar (generation)
Date Fri, 14 Aug 2009 21:11:23 GMT

>            <fileset dir="/dv/ws/javasources">
>        	<include name="**/*.java"/>
>             </fileset>

I see two problems here.

1. A path that begins with a "/" is an absolute path. I can't tell if  
this is what you want, but I suspect you actually want a path relative  
to the project directory.

2. What this fileset specifies is "all Java files in directory /dv/ws/ 
javasources/". It doesn't say anything about creating a "javasources"  
directory in the jar.

You probably want something like this:

<fileset dir="${basedir}/dv/ws">
    <include name="javasources"/>


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