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From Horvath Adam <>
Subject image draw
Date Fri, 10 Jul 2009 12:30:23 GMT

I try to do image conversion.

It works:
<image destdir="source-modified" overwrite="yes">
  <fileset dir="source">
     <include name="*.jpg"/>
  <scale width="800" proportions="fit"/>

It's great.

In manual I found:
Adds a Draw ImageOperation to chain. DrawOperation DataType objects
can be nested inside the Draw object.
xloc  	 X-Position where to draw nested image elements.  	 no (defaults to 0)
yloc 	Y-Position where to draw nested image elements. 	no (defaults to 0)

How can I use this? Is it a text/picture on picture or watermark?
I can not found working example.

And this? What is it good for?

Adds an ImageOperation to chain.
Nested Elements
ImageOperation can handle nested Rotate, Draw, Rectangle, Text and
Scale objects.

I need some function, for example:
put picture on bigger background

There is a java/ant way or I have to use imageMagick?

Thanks, Adam

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