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From dkhanna123 <>
Subject Re: failonerror for target and depends
Date Fri, 24 Jul 2009 03:44:45 GMT

Its just that all my ant xml script are generated on the fly using xslt. Now
in some of the cases I don't even have target1 defined and that's where the
problem lies.

But looks like its not possible, so I'll have make some changes to my xslt
code itself.


David Weintraub wrote:
>> I understand how depends works but my question is..
>> If I have two targets defined in depends for e.g  
>> depends="target1,target2",
>> and if some how target1 does not exist and instead of throwing error  
>> ant
>> should move ahead (after showing some warning) and execute target2.
> If you don't depend upon target1, then why are you putting it in a  
> depends parameter? The depends parameter says that this target can't  
> be executed unless the dependancy targets are first built.
> Target1 and target2 both must exist. Otherwise, Ant can't build a  
> dependancy matrix.
> You're also making assumption about execution order (Ant will try  
> target1, then target2.) Nothing in ant specifies whether one target is  
> executed before another. Ant figures out the order after it builds the  
> dependancy matrix.
> In fact:
> <target name="one" depends="two"/>
> <target name="two"/>
> <target name="three"
>      depends="one,two"/>
> If I execute target "three", target "two" will be built before target  
> "one" even though I listed target "one" first in the "depends"  
> parameter.
> I'm not sure what you're attempting, but if you need to test before  
> you execute, you can use the <condition> task, or you can try the  
> AntContrib's <try>/<catch> task:
> .
> You could put an <antcall> in the <try> block, and if it can't find  
> the target, go to the <catch> block where you'll simply echo that the  
> task can't be found. From there, your program will continue executing.
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> David Weintraub
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